top songs of 2010 so far…

6 Apr

Some of these songs were released this year, and some not. For me, these have been my newest discoveries and newest obsessions. Good music is addictive, and I haven’t been able to stop listening to these and probably won’t stop for a long time to come. Looking over this list I see that most of them are upbeat fast songs that keep me dancing. It has been exactly what 2010 has needed, that’s for sure…

1. Wake Up by Arcade Fire

(After hearing this on the Where The Wild Things Are trailer, I fell in love with this song. I had heard it before, but hadn’t really paid it much attention)

2. Flashing Red Light Means Go by The Boxer Rebellion

(First song I heard of there’s, and after downloading the album… one of the few I like. A song called  Forces ruined it for me. The chorus sings “They’re forces, dark forces, all around“. At first I thought it was a really cheesy song about spiritual warfare or something… come to find out its about an affair, but it totally turned me off to their music the first time I heard it. Dumbest song I’ve heard in awhile. But Flashing Red Light Means Go is a great song…)

3. That Year by Brandie Carlile

(This song reminds me of high school, which of course is what she was going for. Its a sweet and pretty song)

4. Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear

(I love this song because its very harmonious and haunting in it’s own way. Easy to listen to over and over again)

5. Stole My Heart by Little & Ashley

(This is the song from the second Amazon Kindle commercial. Very simple lyrics, very cute song)

6. Passing On by The New Frontiers

(Definitely not a new song to me, but I had a moment listening to it last month that made me really love this song all over again)

7. Lasso by Phoenix

(If I were listing based on which one has been listened to most, it would be this one. Love the beats, love the melody, love everything about it)

8. Clementine by Sarah Jaffe

(Her new album is brilliant. And for some reason… not even sure if I could put into words why…. this is the song I listen to most often)

9. Horchata by Vampire Weekend

(This song grows on you. At first I wasn’t sure what to think of it… then I couldn’t get enough of it. It can make me happy no matter what kind of a mood I’m in)


things she says during road rage.

27 Mar

1. Seriously! What you have going on is THAT important? You’re driving a Geo. A GEO!

2. I don’t care if you have a “baby on board”! That in no way means you always have the right of way!


4. Aw… how sad. That car’s blinker isn’t working. Must lead a pretty tough life…

5. Cuss! If you don’t cussin’ move outta my cussin’ way, I swear I will cuss you up all the way back to that cuss hole you came from. Cussword. 😉

6. Just because there is a song called “Jesus Take The Wheel” doesn’t mean you have to “Let Go, and Let God.” That song was a figure of speech. You’re driving like you’re letting Jesus steer for you. Get it together!

7. What are you looking at? Yeah, I’m acting like a fool singing at the top of my lungs, flinging my hair around. But I’m not a freak show! Just a weirdo who loves to jam out. Deal with it!

8. Whatever you’re driving does NOT make up for the lack of what you got going on buddy. Just give up…

9. YES! I would loooove to know all your political, spiritual, and family beliefs within 2 seconds of driving by your car. No, ten bumper stickers isn’t too much…

hopefuls to win the 2010 Oscars…

7 Mar

This list is based on the movies I’ve seen (definitely not all of them) and not based on what is LIKELY to win (cough, Avatar).

1. Christoph Waltz in “Inglourious Basterds” (Best Supporting Actor)

2. “Up in the Air” Jason Reitman (Best Director)

3. Vera Farmiga in “Up in the Air” (Best Supporting Actress)

4. “Fantastic Mr. Fox” Wes Anderson (Best Animated Feature Film) (Even though Up was amazing!)

5. “The Hurt Locker” Barry Ackroyd (Best Cinematography)

6. “Up in the Air” Screenplay by Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner (Writing: Adapted Screenplay)

7. “Inglourious Basterds” Written by Quentin Tarantino (Writing: Orginial Screenplay)

8. George Clooney in “Up in the Air” (Best Actor)

9. “Up in the Air” Daniel Dubiecki, Ivan Reitman and Jason Reitman, Producers (Best Picture)

If you can’t tell, I’m a bit partial to “Up in the Air”. Maybe its because I’m unemployed. Maybe its because I’m obsessed with Jason Reitman. Maybe its because this is Clooney’s most endearing roll ever. Maybe it’s because I don’t want Avatar to sweep all the awards.

Less than half an hour til the awards ceremony starts. Watching the Red Carpet right now, and Kate Winslet is on. She is perfect, seriously.

celebrities that have made a guest appearance in her dreams.

27 Feb

This morning, my good friend Elizabeth tweeted about have a really weird dream that she got married to Tracy Morgan at the age of 17. That made me laugh a lot. I think Tracy Morgan is hilarious, and on top of that, I could just completely identify with it because I have very weird dreams sometimes which include all kinds of people including celebrities. Here are just a few (Don’t be freaked out… I can remember dreams I had from my childhood):

1. Jonathan Brandis. Yes, I can remember the first time I saw Never Ending Story I had a dream that I went to school with Jonathan Brandis and he was my boyfriend. That was the best dream for an eight year old. Funny thing is… I married David Harris, his twin. HA!

2. The Cast of Lost. There was a time when I lived in Germany that I was catching up on Lost from Seasons 1-3 and pretty much watched nothing else. I can remember more than one occasion when I was stuck on the island trying to figure out what the heck was going on! Though it was weird like a dream, and I could just walk back into my living room any time I pleased.

3. Justin Timberlake (pre the days of him becoming cool). This was when he was in N-Sync and I didn’t care for him very much. Have you ever had a dream about a person or a celebrity that you didn’t like, but after having that dream you suddenly had a fondness for them? Now I know what you are thinking…. No, it was not THAT kind of dream. HA! But he did have a crush on me. And we went on a date together. For some reason, from that point forward, I was a Justin fan. It also helped once he went solo and stepped up his game and hosted SNL and all that…

4. Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men). Well this dream didn’t last long… Within the first few moments of realizing Anton was in my dream, my body made every attempt to wake itself up.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker. I’ve had a couple dreams where she will be shopping with me, and we’re having girl talk. I think any Sex and The City fan has had this dream at least once. I still want to own a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s before I die.

6. Carrot Top…. ok this one is completely made up, but man! That would be one crazy nightmare if it were true. That guy creeps me the eff out!

7. Ryan Gosling. What girl (or guy for that matter! ha!) DIDN’T dream about him after seeing The Notebook?

8. Wes Anderson (!!!) I had a dream that I actually had a chance to make a movie and at one point I met up with Wes Anderson to share my ideas with him and pick his brain. Again, it being a dream, mid conversation he turned into someone else and the dream went in a totally different direction, but I remember waking up feeling motivated to write more.

9. Larry David. Again, when I was in Germany, I has phases and time periods where I was really addicted to watching DVD box sets. Curb Your Enthusiasm was one of them. I had a dream that Larry David and David Harris got in a fight because (of course) Larry did something to piss David off. Turns out, David ended up needing something from Larry in the end, thus making it awkward and the famous theme song woke me up.

I need you to leave comments. Tell me all about your crazy celebrity dreams. 😉

favorite songs on her iPod that are under two minutes long.

25 Feb

a random, very specific list? yes. if you know me, you shoulda expected exactly something like this from me.

1. Parachutes by Coldplay (0:46)

2. All You See by J. Tillman (0:48)

3. From Me To You by Reggie and The Full Effect (1:26)

4. Orange Juice by Grand Archives (1:32)

5. Swing Low Sweet Chariot by She & Him (1:37)

(And really… could Zoey Deschanel be any cuter in this picture? I want to be her)

6. Sweet Sweet by Smashing Pumpkins (1:39)

7. You Never Arrived by Midlake (1:40)

8. Tautou by Brand New (1:43)

9. Islands by Cat Power (1:44)

songs from the 80’s she can identify in less than five seconds.

13 Feb

No explanations needed…

1. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

2. “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins

3. “Any Way You Want It” by Journey

4. “Lord of All” by Carmen (YES! this does count!)

5. “I Ran” by Flock of Seagulls

6. “Take On Me” by A-Ha

7. “Kiss” by Prince

8. “I Want To Break Free” by Queen

9. “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper

there are plenty more. But for now I digress… What are some of yours?

memories of snow

11 Feb

1. What I think was my very first snow was when I was about 5 years old when we lived in Lancaster, Texas. As rare as it is for a Texan to see snow, it’s even MORE of a rarity for Hawaiians to see it. So needless to say, my parents were ecstatic! They bundled me and my sister up. Shayla in a fuchsia jacket, and me in a turquoise one that resembled the kid on Christmas Story who couldn’t move his arms. We made a snow man. We ate the falling snow. We put sunglasses and a hat on our snow man (Thanks, dad). I actually remember this almost as clear as yesterday. My parents always made moments like those extremely memorable.

2. Valentines Day 2003. (or was it 2002?) I’m not sure of the exact year, but I remember David and I were dating, and he came over to my house to give me a card and have a snowball fight with me.

3. Christmas morning, 2008. Nick, Shayla, and the kids all stayed the night at our house and it had snowed on Christmas Eve. Luckily enough it stuck around for the next morning, and that was the first, and possibly only white Christmas I’ll ever have.

4. I don’t remember exactly how old I was… but it snowed a couple more times when we lived in Lancaster. And I remember one instance where Shayla and I went to play outside in the snow together, and of course- she made me cry. We both made our OWN snowmen. Mine resembled hers of course. She didn’t like that I was copying her, so she pushed mine over. When I started to cry, she proceeded to push ME over in the snow. Aw sisterly love 😉

5. Sometime last year, it barely snowed one day. June was really tiny so I dressed her up and took her outside. Her face turned red fast, so I got paranoid and went inside after only a few moments.

6. Germany 2006 (February) We let our dogs run around in the snow. That was a great memory for me because they were having so much fun… and they seemed so freaked out by it. I miss those dogs sometimes.

7. Germany 2006 (November or December. Can’t remember which one) David is “out in the field” as the Army calls it. Basically he was about 300 miles away outside doing some kind of training. I think I might have stepped outside for a moment, or possibly walked to Martha’s house. But I remember missing David very much. So much so, I pretty much ignored the snow.

8. April of 2005. Now this wasn’t necessarily snow… but in Texas, when you don’t get snow… hail can be pretty exciting. And this hail storm sticks out in my head, because the hail accumulated enough to make it look like it had snowed. I took pictures and sent them to David while he was in basic training. Anyone remember that storm?

9. Today. February 11, 2010. I woke up pretty early today. Wanted to see if David still had school or not. I’ve been sitting on my love seat that is by my window. It’s really pretty today. The window looks right over a small field where the trees are covered. Snow covered trees are one of the most pretty sites to me. I love how on snowy days you can’t really tell where the sky ends and where the land begins. It’s a white sky, white covered everything, and white snow falling at a steady pace. Laptop in my lap, cup of coffee in my hand. It’s a good, peaceful morning. And the best part? In houses near and far, the ones I love the most are sharing this morning with me in their own way.

** Immediately after posting this, my mom called me. Exactly what I mean… I love hearing her describe how much she loves this snow… I love my family.

++ I also added a picture of my precious baby girl, June, from yesterday after I posted this blog. We had so much fun playing in the snow!! Probably my top snow memory for now.