amazing albums released in 2009. (and the top two tracks)

30 Dec

This list is based on albums that I have listened to over the year. These are the ones that have stood out to me the most, had the most playtime on my iPod, and stayed on my playlists throughout the months.

9. “FarRegina Spektor

(The Calculation) (Dance Theme of the 80’s)

8. “Acid TongueJenny Lewis

(See Fernando) (Acid Tongue)

7. “ActorSt. Vincent

(Just the Same but Brand New) (Actor Out of Work)

6.  “Year In The KingdomJ. Tillman

(Howling Light) (Though I Have Wronged You)

5. “Strict Joy: Deluxe VersionThe Swell Season

(The Rain) (I Have Loved You Wrong: Live Version)

4. “Blood BankBon Iver

(Woods) (Blood Bank)

3. “EllipseImogen Heap

(Wait It Out) (Tidal)

2. “Curse Your BranchesDavid Bazan

(When We Fell) (In Stitches)

1. “Mean Everything to NothingManchester Orchestra

(I’ve Got Friends) (Shake It Out)

Honorable Mentions:

* “Incredibad” The Lonely Island: This album got a lot of playtime especially when I have been stressed out. It makes me laugh. I always need that.

* “Veckatimest” Grizzly Bear: I’m not sure why I haven’t been listening to this album sooner, but I think this only didn’t make the list because I haven’t got to listen to it enough

* “Middle Cyclone” Neko Case: I didn’t like her a few years ago when I heard her for the first time, but when I heard this album, I absolutely loved it.


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