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weird obsessions.

28 Nov

Anyone who knows me knows since I was a kid, I had the weirdest things that I loved to the point of obsession. I honestly have no good explanation as to why this is true.

1. Miss Piggy. I had the doll, the clothes, watched Muppet Babies and Muppets Take Manhattan religiously.

2. Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I bought every issue of Bop magazine and plastered my bedroom wall with his pictures. And of course, Home Improvement was, “like my favorite show of all time!”

3. Sylvester. Oh the early nineties. When all my friends were obsessed with Tweety Bird, I wanted to be different… So I begged my parents to buy me all things Sylvester including a pillow I slept with every night

4. Mr. Bean. I remember being really bored watching KERA one Saturday night, and this British show came on that I had never heard of. I laughed so hard, I cried. From that moment, for about a year, I was obsessed with spreading the gospel that was Mr. Bean. I mean, really… how hilarious was it when he got that Turkey stuck on his head? (Not really at all)

5. ska. ugh. enough said.

6. writing on backpacks. there wasn’t a scripture or song lyric that wasn’t on mine and every one of my friends backpacks. I used everything from Sharpie, to White-Out, to nail polish. way to go, dweeb.

7. Bojangles. I was on this kick for awhile where I love watching old movies. And for some reason, when Jennifer Hilman and I saw Bojangles for the first time, we couldn’t stop laughing at his enthusiastic dancing and funny name. Now that I look back, Bojangles was probably a very racist character. way to go, shanelle and jenn.

8. Random Phrases. I kinda set my self up for this one, even in the blog. I went from saying “Way to go, Bo” for a year, to always saying “Wicked” or “uh-huh” or something else stupid that I would wear out in less than a week.

9. DJ Lance Rock. years later, my weird obsessive behavior has crept back up on me. I think my love for DJ Lance stems from all the obsessions I had growing up, teamed with the fact that the music, and guests are great. I get to see him LIVE today! I’m so excited.

So, I guess this pretty much proves you shouldn’t be my friend. Because I’m a weirdo. Obviously!


places to visit soon.

24 Nov

1. Hawaii. Because I haven’t been there since my honeymoon, and I miss it more everyday! And also, I can’t stop thinking about Zippy’s saimin today!!!

2. New York City. Even though I’ve only been there twice, it is STILL my favorite place in the world.

3. Seattle. I need to see the birthplace of good music, coffee, and northwest coast culture.

4. California. I’ve never been, believe it or not!

5. Germany. I miss it often, and I kick myself every time I think about the fact that I didn’t travel as much as I wanted to while I was there. But most importantly, I miss the food. Doner Kebap and the waffle stand are calling my name, daily!

6. Japan. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it from my dad as well as my best friends, Ami & Jonathan. And I’m still wondering how this Asian girl has never been anywhere in Asia!?

7. Colorado Springs, Colorado. I miss Martha, and I need to see her immediately.

8.  Alaska. So I can meet these so-called-fans of Sarah Palin. HA! I kid… sort of 😉

9. The Grand Canyon. When I get there, I already know all the random things I’m gonna shout!

snl cast characters that make her laugh til she cries.

22 Nov

Let it be known: I’m 25 and have only been watching SNL since I was 16 or so, and as a result, there are hardly any older cast members on this list for that reason alone.

1. Andy Samberg (Digital Shorts & Blizzard Man)

2. Jason Sudeikis (back up dancer on “What Up With That”)

3. Tracy Morgan (Brian Fellows and dancer for the Christmas Song )

4. Rachel Dratch (Harry Potter)

5. Justin Timberlake (Omletteville/Homelessville/Plasticville)

6. Tina Fey (Sarah Palin)

7. Will Forte (any time he sings anything and Jeff Montgomery [whaaa?])

8. Kristen Wiig (Sue keeping the secret of the surprise party)

9. Alec Baldwin (any time he hosts)

thoughts today.

22 Nov

1. Is that June I hear?

2. Cook breakfast? Or eat cereal? (Cereal won that battle)

3. My mom’s correcting the pronunciation of a band I knew first. Way to go, Shanelle.

4. Ok, Nissan Titan. Please kindly put your fake scrotum sack away. You’re not witty or even cool for that matter. AND, it in no way proves your manhood.

5. I need to tweeze my eyebrows.

6. I love it when June sings along to music during our car rides.

7. June and Oliver might be the cutest cousins in the history of the world.

8. The Surf & Turf Which Wich was a horrible idea.

9. Will people actually read and participate in my blog?