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romantic movie scenes she actually loves…

9 Aug

Most romantic movies make me want to jump off a cliff. Especially those of the romcom genre. But even the dramas are nauseating. But of course there are a few that I do like a lot. Here are some lovey-dovey scenes that have warmed and even broken my heart…

1. To date, I think my most favorite scene in a movie like this is the “Expectation VS Reality” scene in (500) Days of Summer. It floored me in the theater with how brilliant it was, and that Regina Spektor song “Hero” went perfectly with it.

2. The last scene of Juno where Bleaker and Juno are playing guitar and singing together. I cry (or at least tear up) every time I see that scene. So cute.

3. Once – where the guy and girl sit in a dark room at the recording studio with just a piano. She sings and they have some sweet playful dialogue. Probably didn’t stand out to most when they saw this movie- but I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite scene in the whole film.

4. You’ve Got Mail – when Joe is trying to help Kathleen figure out who NY152 is…

Joe Fox: So what’s his handle?
Kathleen Kelly: Uh…
Joe Fox: I’m not going to write him. Is that what you’re worried about? You think I’m going to e-mail him?
Kathleen Kelly: [beat] All right, NY152.
Joe Fox: N-Y-one-five-two. One hundred and fifty-two. He’s a hundred and fifty-two years old. He’s had one hundred and fifty-two moles removed, so now he’s got one hundred fifty-two pock marks on his… on his face…
Kathleen Kelly: The number of people who think he looks like Clark Gable.
Joe Fox: One hundred and fifty-two people who think he looks like a Clark *Bar*.
Kathleen Kelly: [laughing] Why did I even tell you about this?
Joe Fox: A hundred and fifty-two stitches from his nose job. The number of his souvenir shot glasses that he’s collected in his travels.
Kathleen Kelly: No! The number… the numb… his address? No! No, he would never do anything that prosaic.

(Truth be told, I absolutely LOVE that movie. heh heh)

5. I’ve racked my brain over which scene is my favorite from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and I can’t pick one for certain. Though it should be known that it is still one of my all-time favorite movies. If I had to choose one moment from the movie that moved me… it would have to be when Joel is towards the end of having his memory erased and they (Clemetine and Joel) are trying to find places in his memory to hide.

Clementine: what if you stayed this time? come back and make up a goodbye at least, let’s pretend we have one.

6. The rain scene and the love scene that follows it in The Notebook. Yes, I’m sure this is on a lot of people’s list. But lawdy! My heart was racing the first time I saw this scene. It may be trite, but what is it that makes rain so sexy? I think it’s the extra dramatic effect behind it. I would also like to find someone who didn’t boo-hoo like a baby when they saw this movie. ‘Cause I still don’t know of anyone…

7. I really like the last scene in The Break Up. I know some people were disappointed that they didn’t end up together, but come on. It’s called The Break Up, not The Reconciliation. I like that after being apart for several months they were able to see each other and be happy that each person was at a better place in their lives.

8. Another scene that makes me teary every time I see it is the last scene of Garden State. And of course they play the song that changed my life, “Let Go” by Frou Frou, so it was just that much better.

9. And of course, from my favorite movie Amelie… the first time I watched it, I thought there could be nothing better in cinema than the first 15 minutes of that movie…. then the last 10 minutes blew the first 15 out of the water. I can’t express just how much I love this movie… I’m not giving any details of this scene because if you haven’t seen the movie- you should stop what you are doing and go watch it now. It’s that good.