things that just won’t go away!

18 Jun

1. Printed phone books. Really, does anyone use them anymore? When I see one at my doorstep, I roll my eyes and walk over it to get inside my apartment. I pretty much dread that it’s there because that only means I have to take it to the dumpster.

2. The mullet hair cut. Ok so almost ten years ago, it became funny to make fun of a hair-do that was over ten years old, but now ten years later, people are trying to bring it back in the way of the hipster mullet or the fashion mullet. PUKE. Let it die people! Let. It. Die.

3. Whitney Houston. Do I need to mention her recent tour? Her outbursts? Crack is whack, Whitney! Gone are the days of “Queen of the Night” and “The Bodyguard”. Blame Bobby Brown, I guess.

4. The Office (NBC). This goes along with the same principle Ms. Whitney Houston should have stuck with… Go out while you’re on top. The NBC version of The Office should have followed its British predecessor and only stayed alive a few seasons. After Jim and Pam finally got together (or sometime around season 3 or shortly after) the show just became completely blah for me. The addition of Andy livened it up for awhile, cause he’s hilarious. And Dwight still makes me laugh from time to time. But really…. just end it now. You’re definitely not ahead, but it’s getting worse. Not even Kathy Bates could save you.

5. VHS. The only ones I have left are home movies, but my mom still has a pretty substantial collection stored in a closet. It makes me wonder how much closet space VHS tapes are taking up in closets, storage rooms, and garages across the world (yes that is a weird random thing to think about).

6. MySpace. I once heard it referred to as “the ghetto of the internet”, and have called it that ever since.

7. MTV. I know it probably wasn’t going away in the first place, but in my opinion, it really needs to. How about instead of calling it Music Television, we call it- Retarded Reality and Pointless Show Television.

8. Ripping off well known logos and slogans on T-Shirts and other things. Why are people allowed to capitalize on other people’s GOOD ideas. And why is it considered clever? And why is it usually something Christian in nature?

9. The WNBA. Yeah, I didn’t know that still existed either.


2 Responses to “things that just won’t go away!”

  1. Martha B. June 18, 2010 at 5:06 pm #

    Ugh, I so agree about The Office. It’s painful to watch now. Good list!

  2. Crysti June 18, 2010 at 7:08 pm #

    You my friend are HILARIOUS!!!

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