weird obsessions.

28 Nov

Anyone who knows me knows since I was a kid, I had the weirdest things that I loved to the point of obsession. I honestly have no good explanation as to why this is true.

1. Miss Piggy. I had the doll, the clothes, watched Muppet Babies and Muppets Take Manhattan religiously.

2. Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I bought every issue of Bop magazine and plastered my bedroom wall with his pictures. And of course, Home Improvement was, “like my favorite show of all time!”

3. Sylvester. Oh the early nineties. When all my friends were obsessed with Tweety Bird, I wanted to be different… So I begged my parents to buy me all things Sylvester including a pillow I slept with every night

4. Mr. Bean. I remember being really bored watching KERA one Saturday night, and this British show came on that I had never heard of. I laughed so hard, I cried. From that moment, for about a year, I was obsessed with spreading the gospel that was Mr. Bean. I mean, really… how hilarious was it when he got that Turkey stuck on his head? (Not really at all)

5. ska. ugh. enough said.

6. writing on backpacks. there wasn’t a scripture or song lyric that wasn’t on mine and every one of my friends backpacks. I used everything from Sharpie, to White-Out, to nail polish. way to go, dweeb.

7. Bojangles. I was on this kick for awhile where I love watching old movies. And for some reason, when Jennifer Hilman and I saw Bojangles for the first time, we couldn’t stop laughing at his enthusiastic dancing and funny name. Now that I look back, Bojangles was probably a very racist character. way to go, shanelle and jenn.

8. Random Phrases. I kinda set my self up for this one, even in the blog. I went from saying “Way to go, Bo” for a year, to always saying “Wicked” or “uh-huh” or something else stupid that I would wear out in less than a week.

9. DJ Lance Rock. years later, my weird obsessive behavior has crept back up on me. I think my love for DJ Lance stems from all the obsessions I had growing up, teamed with the fact that the music, and guests are great. I get to see him LIVE today! I’m so excited.

So, I guess this pretty much proves you shouldn’t be my friend. Because I’m a weirdo. Obviously!


One Response to “weird obsessions.”

  1. Rebecca November 28, 2009 at 2:18 pm #

    dude, Mr. Bean is HILARIOUS! my favorite is the Christmas episode where he starts playing with a miniature nativity scene. oh man.

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